Missouri Lost & Found Paws was founded in August 2011 as a humble start to deliver upon a vision: reuniting lost and found pets across Missouri. We started by creating a Facebook group page, Greater St Louis Missouri Lost & Found Paws. Today, we have seven regional groups to support our Missouri communities. 

Social media has proven to be a very powerful tool for getting lost and found animals back to their owners. However, social media cannot work alone in all cases. Our volunteers reach out to owners of lost pets and those who have found pets to help them understand the overwhelming situation of where to begin. Our volunteers share preventative education which include:

  • Steps to search for lost pets and locate owners of found pets
  • Sharing online tools to view incoming pets at area shelters
  • Monitoring shelter postings for potential matches of lost and found pets
  • Provide support to pet owners who have a lost pet
  • Provide support to those who have found a lost pet
  • Develop and leverage positive relationships thru networking with animal control and shelter agencies, police departments, animal welfare volunteers, and a growing community of pet lovers to reunite pets
  • and much more

We also educate owners on topics such as:

  • Hosting Check the Chip Clinics
  • Education on microchipping pets, registering microchips and keeping contact information up to date
  • Tips to prevent a pet from wandering
  • Tips for safe reunification with rightful owners

In January, 2014, we started the Missouri Lost & Found Paws Facebook business page. Missouri Lost & Found Paws serves as the parent organization for our seven regions. We have albums for the animals who have been reunited, those who remain missing, those who were sent to shelters or rescue groups and for those who have passed onto the Rainbow Bridge.

Our social media community has grown steadily over the last eleven years of service.  We strongly believe that for every animal we help reunite, that is one less pet sitting in a shelter for a number of days, who then in turn becomes at risk for euthanasia due to overpopulated shelters. The act of euthanizing animals at the shelter is not a shelter problem. It is a societal problem. Please do not blame the shelters for euthanizing animals. Unfortunately our communities have a pandemic problem.

  • Unwanted animals, known as owner surrenders
  • Found animals

Our motto is:  Not all of us are abandoned.  Not all of us are neglected.  Not all of us are abused.  Many of us are lost.  And we need your help to get them home.

When pets get lost, it is most often due to an accidental nature, not purposeful. To get a lost pet home, it takes dedication on the owner’s part, but it also takes a community stepping in to help the owner in a very overwhelming task to search. We know that one person can make a difference in the life of one animal. Imagine the impact if we work together as a community to help one another.
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