Postings Not Related to Lost or Found Pets

Missouri Lost & Found Paws vows to keep our community focused on our primary goal of lost and found animals. As a result, we ask that you post any non-lost, non-found inquiries on our Paws Recovery Coordination group.

The Paws Recovery Coordination group was set up specifically for situations that are outside of lost/found pets. This includes:

  • any inquiries not related to lost or found pets
  • pet(s) needing to be rehomed
  • questions on vaccines
  • questions on low cost spay/neuter programs
  • animals who appears to be abandoned and needs rescue efforts

If you post a pet needing to be rehomed, you will be asked to share to the Paws Recovery Coordination group. We will turn off commenting and delete the post within a few hours from our lost and found group.

Please join  Paws Recovery Coordination to discuss animals who are NOT lost/found in need of assistance.