To locate a lost pet, we highly recommend that you visit IN PERSON the following shelters and animal control facilities.

Here are just a couple of reasons why we recommend in person visits.

Unfortunately, due to the number of incoming animals each week at our local shelters, it is not possible for our shelter employees to remember each animal’s face, details, where the animal was found, etc.

While one person may label a dog as a shepherd mix, another may label the same dog as a lab mix. Therefore, it is best for you or a representative of your family visit all of the animals in the various shelters.

Many shelters have what is called the adoption floor vs the stray hold area. Please be sure to check both areas!

There are times when a Good Samaritan finds a lost animal. Rather than taking the pet to the closest shelter, the finder decides to go to a shelter further.  One reason finders do this is because they feel the animal will fare a better chance of not being put to sleep due to overcrowded shelters.  Sometimes, the finder may also wait to reach their destination of their travel to drop off the found pet.


Take a photo of your pet with you. Take a copy of your flyer with you as well so that you can place it on the bulletin board, or within the lost pets binder that some shelters keep.

Most pets are lost for 1-3 weeks in a 3-5 block area. Check the shelters EVERY DAY as much as possible; most facilities cannot hold an animal longer than 5 days due to volume of incoming animals in our area.