Lost In Metro St Louis?


Share your flyer with the Facebook groups focused on helping lost pets. Make sure you copy the text of your flyer into your post so that the text can be searched upon.

Share, share, share your flyer using every social media vehicle you have to your name! Ask friends and family to share on their pages/accounts. The power of social media does prevail!

Post to the STL Lost Pets Facebook page.

Submit your lost pet to the STL Lost Pets database.

Post to the Kennelwood Facebook page so that they can send out a Mimi Alert.

Send a copy of your flyer to local St Louis area shelters and rescue groups.

Post to the different Buy/Sell/Trade groups on Facebook for your municipality/township.

If your pet is lost in Illinois, please submit a posting to the Lost Dogs Illinois organization. You can also find other groups and organizations focused on lost pets in the state of Missouri by visiting Lost & Found Pet Pages on Facebook on our site.

Be sure to visit our My Pet Is Lost – What Do I Do? post for general tips to find your lost pet.