Board of Directors | Missouri Lost & Found Paws

Missouri Lost & Found Paws was founded on August 31, 2011.

Our community is comprised of animal lovers across the State of Missouri. We operate primarily using Facebook, though we also have a presence on Instagram and X. In case you are wondering why a Facebook Group is being utilized to manage our community, it is because Facebook provides a versatile search functionality on their groups (as opposed to business page).

As the Founder of Missouri Lost & Found Paws, I would like to thank each of you that subscribes to our platform. I’d also like to thank you for the support you have shown to fellow pet lovers who have lost, found or helped to find pets. You have made my dream come true which is to unite strangers for one common cause in order to help defenseless lost animals.

Missouri Lost & Found Paws along with its regional groups (listed below) is a 100% volunteer-based organization. Our team has full time “day” jobs. We operate Missouri Lost & Found Paws as a grass roots organization, fueled by passion, caffeine and sometimes, lack of sleep. We keep a close eye on the group, but there are times where must focus on our primary job first. We rely on our community members to exercise the Facebook feature to report questionable posts or comments which violate our Community Standards.

Our Community Standards allow us to maintain decorum within the communities we have built. We have built this organization to provide a dependable community service that is respected across the State of Missouri. We believe in exercising compassion and empathy.

The more we can develop a community to help others, the better we can help animals. I thank you for your support.

Now, to introduce you to our Board of Directors!