January 5, 2018
May 23, 2017
Megan Dumey (February 13, 2017)

Lexi is back home and lounging in her favorite spot! I can’t Thank all of you enough for helping us find her!! Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!


February 4, 2017
Kathy Rueweler (February 13, 2017)

My boys are both home now. Bear is in pain, but he seems to be tolerating it ok. I thank you all for helping me locate my lil men. So since I had a night up all evening; I am going to curl in w/my boys for a nap. All my best to you!!!!💋💋💋💋


Katy Buerk (February 12, 2017)

I want to say thanks to whoever runs this page. My dog was found in almost no time after I posted about him being missing. . . I also want to thank Brendon Karbowski for picking up my boy, Duke. Y’all took such great care of him. He’s a really old man and I was getting worried that something terrible had happened to him. . . It means so much to me that you were kind enough to care. Thank you for that.


Denise Lyon (February 12, 2017)

Thank you ALL so much for your love and support with Denver being gone. Caroline and her neighborhood girlfriend went out all this morning looking around, along with going door to door with no luck. Caroline then came home for lunch and as she was eating the doorbell rang… It was a neighbor who was walking her dog and she recognized the Facebook post and what Denver looked like….. Denver was sitting on our porch (as he always has in the past) !! Praise the Lord… He is so good. This neighbor rang the doorbell to let us know he was sitting on his blankets, so we didn’t have to worry anymore. Thank you 😊💖. I’m so happy for the kids. They were very afraid that something horrible happened to him.


Mykael Ornbaun (February 12, 2017)

Jupiter is back home!!! Thanks to our amazing community!!!! Thank you everyone so much from the bottom of our hearts!!!!!!!!!!!