Feral Cat Shelters

Do you have a neighborhood cat?  Is it difficult to tell if he has a home or if he is a feral cat living in the neighborhood?  Have you considered that the cat could be someone’s lost pet?

Help keep neighborhood kitties warm this winter by making an outdoor shelter.  Thanks to one of our supporters, she shared this great video of how to make a shelter out of basic materials.  This shelter will keep your neighborhood kitty protected from the cold winter conditions.

Share this video with others.  After all, the “neighborhood” cat could be someone’s lost cat.  In the meantime, share info on the cat thru social media to make sure it doesn’t belong to someone.  Use our tips for lost pets to help spread the word about the found cat.  The same tips work 🙂

Recommendations on location for the shelter include keeping the opening away from the direction of the wind.  If possible, allow the opening to face sunlight.  You may have to weigh the shelter down to keep it fro blowing away during windy days.

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