When’s the Last Time You Checked Your Pet’s ID Tags?

We often do all the right things to keep our pets safe.  But as life happens, time passes by, we get busy, we sometimes forget to check the things that are in front of us every day.

ID Tags.

When’s the last time you looked at your pet’s ID tags?

Help us keep your pets safe by checking the following things:

  • Have your pet’s ID tags faded?  Don’t delay!  Order a replacement ID tag as soon as possible.  Your pet’s ID tag allows a finder to locate you quickly!  If the tag is unclear or faded, this reduces your chance to have a speedy reunion!
  • Have you moved or changed phone numbers?  Order a replacement ID tag as soon as possible.  An ID tag is one of the quickest ways to get a lost pet home!  If your address or phone number is not current on the ID tag, it can cause not only a delay, but a chance at not being reunited with your lost pet!
  • Are you temporarily living at an address different than what is listed on your pet’s ID tags?  Order a replacement ID tag as soon as possible so that if someone finds your pet, they aren’t confused/concerned by the mismatch in location.
  • Are you traveling on vacation with your pet?  Consider getting a special tag made that says “I’m on vacation, but I have escaped” or something similar.  List your mobile phone number as well as an alternate phone number in case you cannot be reached.
  • Is your pet staying with a pet sitter or a family member temporarily? Consider having a special ID tag made that says “I’m visiting Grandma!” and list Grandma’s number for a speedy recovery.
  • Do you have a pet that tends to destroy their ID tags?  Not to worry!  There are a few alternatives to explore for these special fur babies such as:
    • Write your name and number with a black Sharpie (legibly) on the collar itself!
    • Order an embroidered ID tag.  There are several available online and thru local craft vendors.
    • Order an ID tag that can be attached using rivets, or slips onto the collar.
    • Look for specialty leather collars that can be engraved.
  • Is your ID tag securely attached to the collar?  Has the ring that is used to attach the tag to the collar come loose? No worries at all!  Use a small plastic, zip tie/cable tie to attach the ID tag to the collar ring.

CheckDogTags 2015 (1)

Wishing everyone an amazing summer with their fur babies!  Please share this information with friends and family to help us keep pets safe this summer!

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