“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, Benjamin Franklin

We’ve all heard the quote “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” from Benjamin Franklin.  For our Missouri Lost & Found Paws team, we really swear by it when it comes to keeping pets safe.  We are asking our followers to help us spread the word of these simple tips to keep pets safe this summer.  Summer is a season to host many family and friends get togethers, which unfortunately provide many windows of opportunity for our furry friends.

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Family Photo Time

When’s the last time you snapped a photo of your pet?  As our pets get older, they often turn gray, gain weight, lose weight, etc.  Check out our recent blog post to help ensure you have recent photos on hand in the case of an emergency.  It only one accident for a pet to become lost!  We also have some tips of how to snap a photo of a pet that doesn’t like to sit still 🙂

Lock Those Gates!

Missouri seems to get hit hard every year with high winds, severe thunderstorms and worse, tornadoes.  These conditions often lead to an increase in lost pets as fence gates blow open, sections of fence come off the post, doors blow open, etc.

Our Missouri Lost & Found Paws team recommends adding padlocks to each gate on your fence.  Sure, it may take an extra minute to unlock the gates for lawncare, but keeping the gates locked provides extra assurance that your pet won’t get out.  We have even seen some dogs who seem to have studied Mission Impossible and are geniuses at escaping their yard.  This also comes in handy to avoid mischievous teens who may gain entry into your yard.  The locks also deter pet thieves looking for an easy steal.  Check out our blog post for more info.

Invisible Fence Collars

Many pet owners relay on invisible fence systems to keep their pets safe.  It is very easy to forget to check the batteries on the collars, which unfortunately can lead to a weak signal, and allow a pet to escape their boundary zone.

Missouri Lost & Found Paws recommends checking the type of battery your pet’s collar uses, and refer to this information provided by the PetSafe company.  Put a reoccuring reminder in your phone TODAY to change your pet’s battery in the collar.  One slip could cost your pet to become an escapee!

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Having a Party?

A lot of families will be celebrating their children’s graduation ceremonies this summer.   It’s summertime, and it’s time to BBQ!  As we all start having our get togethers, we often have our pets participating in the festivities.  Help us keep pets safe this summer through our quick and easy tips.

  1. Keep your pet’s collar and ID tags on.
  2. Make sure your pet’s microchip registration is up to date with current contact information.  Missouri Lost & Found Paws strongly recommends registering your pet’s microchip so that you as the owner can add your contact information.  Shelters, rescues and veterinary clinics can close business / practice.  This will prohibit your pet from being returned to YOU, the owner.  If you choose not to register your pet’s microchip, and your pet is registered to a local veterinary clinic, shelter or rescue which placed the chip, make sure they have your current contact info in their system.
  3. Planning to light fireworks?  If you feel your pet is able to handle the sound of fireworks, we strongly recommend keeping your pet on a leash (not loose).  Check your pet’s collar to make sure it is not loose!  You only need to be able to slip two fingers underneath the collar.  Anything more than that means the collar is too loose, and your pet is in danger of being able to back out of its collar out of fear, commotion or surprise.  Also, remember that our pets get older just like we humans do.  Sounds can become more frightening in elder years.
  4. Have a skittish pet?  Create a safe zone in the house for your pet!  This can be a room at the back end of the house, that is off limits for visitors.  Use extra security, like a baby gate to restrict visitors from entering the room.  Place a sign on the door that mentions the reason why the door must be kept closed at all times.  Leave a radio or the tv on somewhat loud, which can help drown out the sounds outside which can cause anxiety.

Collars & Tags

When is the last time you checked your pet’s ID tags?  Are they faded?  Do they contain the most current contact info?  If the answer is no, please don’t delay.  Pick up a new ID tag as soon as possible.

If your pet tends to tear up the jingling tags, look for embroidered collars, or tags that can be riveted onto the collar.  These are great options for pets who are easily annoyed by dangling items from their collar.

Check your pet’s collar to ensure that the clasp still fastens securely.  These can wear over time.  You may know Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs.  He had a situation with his dog Freddy a couple of years ago where his dog’s collar clasp came open. There are many collars out on the market now that can meet the needs of each and every pet.  For example, Martingale collars are great for pets who have the unusual neck size and / or shape.  Harnesses are a great item of choice for pets who tend to pull a lot, or are elderly in age.  They offer security while all on walks.  These are just a couple of examples.

Don’t forget, after your pet’s bath, put their collar with ID tags back on your pet.  We often see many pets lost after bath time.

Microchip, Microchip, Microchip

Is your pet microchipped?  Fantastic!

Is your pet’s microchip registered to you?  No?  Please consider doing this right away.  A lot of pet owners assume their pet’s microchip is registered to them when they adopt from a shelter or rescue agency.  This is not always the case.  A lot of owners also choose to not pay the microchip registration fee because they feel their pet will be returned once the rescue or shelter is notified.  This will be successful if and only if the rescue/shelter/vet clinic remains in business and you are continuing to keep the establishment apprised of all address and phone number changes.  These are easy things to forget, as one can imagine.  That’s why we recommend completing the microchip registration process.

Your pet doesn’t have a microchip?  No problem!  Contact your local veterinarian or shelter.  There are also many fantastic low cost vaccine and microchip clinics available throughout our State of Missouri.  Contact us at molostfoundpaws@gmail.com if you need assistance finding a low cost clinic.

Have an Escape Artist on Hand?

Do you have a pet that can scale the fence like an episode of Prison Break?  Look into the GPS or radio wave based collars.  These are fantastic tools to use with frequent escapees.

Have a smaller dog that fits thru the fence?  Look into the new puppy bumper products!

There are also many tutorials available on YouTube of how you can build your own coyote rollers on top of the fence.  These are designed to keep pets from escaping.

Help us Help Them.  Help us keep pets safe this summer.




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