How to make weatherproofed signs

Signs are so very key to getting the word out about a lost or found pet. Often times, the person who lost the pet thinks, “surely the person who finds my pet will post a sign”. Meanwhile, the person who finds the pet drives around looking for lost pet signs thinking, “surely the person who lost the pet has signs up”. Please don’t make an assumption. It’s far better to post signs than to assume someone else will do it. Remember the old adage, more is better than less.

You can make waterproof signs rather easily. I have used this method many times, and it works great! Make your signs at home is easy! Using your computer, make your signs simple.

Things to buy

Things to Think About
For LOST pet signs, include a good, clear picture of your pet. Make it large enough for someone to see clearly what the pet looks like. Include the words “LOST DOG” or “LOST CAT” at the top of the sign. If your pet has been missing a while, you may want to use wording such as “HAVE YOU SEEN ME”. If your pet is skittish, include the words “DO NOT CHASE”.

What to Put on Your Signs
Underneath the picture, list some details about the pet, such as color, gender, and name. If your dog is skittish or shy of people, it is suggested that you do NOT include the name. Imagine if you’re afraid of people, and a stranger is calling out your name. It may cause your pet to run off further.

Be sure to list telephone number(s). More than 1 is always good because it increases your chance should someone call with information, and you yourself are not able to answer the phone. Be sure to double-check that you do not have any typos in the Contact info. That is crucial!

For FOUND pet signs, it is always best not to put too much information. Unfortunately we live in a society today where bad people steal pets to resell them for money. Therefore, if you have found a pet, simply put “FOUND LARGE DOG”, or “FOUND CAT”. List your telephone number. No additional information is required. Especially in the case of found pets, make the caller describe unique details of the pet. Again, bad people will do bad things.

Once Your Signs Have Been Made, Now What?

Once you have printed your signs out, let them dry for a couple of minutes (if using an ink-jet printer). Place each sign into the sheet protector, leaving the open end of the sheet protector to face the bottom. That way, when you hang the signs, rain and moisture doesn’t ruin your sign. Put a piece of scotch tape at the bottom to secure the opening so your sign doesn’t fall out.

Once you have filled your sheet protectors, and secured the bottoms, take your hole puncher and punch a hole in the top center of the sheet protector, and the bottom center of the sheet protector. These holes will be where you attach the zip tie when hanging your sign.

The colorful posterboard is useful for heavy traffic intersections. The color helps to attract attention to your signs. Folder the posterboard into fourths. Then cut into four squares. Each square will be larger than your 8.5 X 11 sign that you have made with the sheet protector.

You are now ready to hang signs!

Hanging Your Signs
Use the sheet protectors for neighborhoods and smaller streets. When you are hanging signs at busy intersections, use the packing tape to attach the sheet protector to the poster board.

To hang the sign, use the zip tie to attach it to the posts. I have found that most cities are very much against hanging signs because often, people use tape, which then peels off the paint from the sign. If you use zipties, you can combine multiple zip ties to make one large tie. Then, feed it thru each hole on your sign, and wrap the long zip tie you have created around the larger posts.

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