Stop! Go back!

Found a wandering pet? Remember to STOP AND GO BACK to the scene where you found the pet. Doing so every couple of days to search for lost pet signs in the area could lead to the owner.

As you can probably imagine, the owner of a lost pet will spend their first 24 hours or so searching for their lost pet. They may not hang signs until a few days later. When searching for a lost pet, there is only so much one person can do alone. Often times, as a result, it may be a full week before signs are hung or flyers are passed out.

We strongly encourage you, the finder, to also hang signs in the area where the pet was found.

We have come across many situations during the journey of Missouri Lost & Found Paws where the owner of the lost pet assumes someone will hang a sign in the pet is found. And, we have also met finders of pets who assume the owner will hang lost pet signs.

That is a whole lotta assumptions! Lost pets can be reunited quickly if both parties hang signs 🙂 IT WORKS!



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