Show me the proof.

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You’ve found a pet. You receive a call from someone, and after some discussion, you believe it’s a match. Have you heard about pet flipping? Here is how *YOU* can ensure that you return the pet to its rightful owner.

  • Ask for proof of ownership.
  • Ask for a photo.
  • Ask for veterinary records.
  • Ask the owner to describe the collar/harness.
  • Ask the owner to describe unique markings on the pet’s body.
  • Ask for the person’s driver’s license to compare name and contact info, if you were able to obtain that info as a lead. You can also use the driver’s license to compare to the veterinary paperwork shown to ensure the name and contact info matches.

For Craigslist ads:

If you want to include a picture of the pet, post the picture in black or white, or post a close up of the dog’s face only.

Always, always ask for proof of ownership from the person claiming to be the owner.

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