Winter is coming. Make your signs count.

Do you have a lost pet that you are searching for?  First of all, we are very sorry that this has happened to you. We want to help you get your furry family member home.  With the potential inclement weather that we face during the winter months, Missouri Lost & Found Paws wants to share tips of how to make signs/flyers that will work best with snowy conditions.  It takes a lot of work to hang signs, but the results are invaluable.  Don’t let your time go unwasted.  Make sure your signs can sustain the harsh weather conditions that will come during the winter months.


Print your signs in big, bold, black font. Use neon colored paper (white will blend with snow).


Hang your signs using sheet protectors. The following stores often carry them: Big Lots, Dollar Stores, Walmart and Office Depot/Max. You can also substitute one gallon sized Ziploc bags.  Costco even sells a huge box of sheet protectors.

Method to the Madness

Using a paper punch, punch a hole in the top center and bottom center.

When placing the flyer in the sheet protector, keep the opening of the sheet protector at the bottom. This will prevent rain and moisture from getting in. Tape the opening shut with clear tape.


Use cable ties/zip ties to hang the signs up. They will withstand wind, rain etc. They also don’t annoy city officials as much. Avoid the use of tape as that will peel the paint of posts, and then city officials will become perturbed.

Please remember, there are many people that do not use the Internet or Social Media. Hanging signs for lost and found pets is one of the most successful ways to reunite pets!

These same steps can and should be used if you have found a pet!


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