Check your gates & fences before you open that door

Missouri has its share of inclement weather throughout the year.  From breezy days to severe thunderstorm watches, it only takes a one time incident to lead to a lost pet.  At gust of wind can cause a loose fence gate latch to fly open.  Severe winds can cause entire sections of a fence to fall over.

We get home from work, and often, our first task to is to open the door to let the dog out.  Sometimes, we leave windows open to take advantage of cooler weather.  But before you open that door, Missouri Lost & Found Paws wants to caution all pet owners to pause and check the perimeter of the fence to make sure nothing blew open.  Sometimes, it might not even be bad weather that causes an escape opportunity.  A utility worker could have left the gate open.  It happens.  Taking a pause to ensure that the yard is secure before letting pets out can save you hours, day, weeks or even months of an emotional journey of searching for your lost pet.

  • Please check your fence gates BEFORE letting your fur babies out. The easiest solution is to add a padlock to your gates to help add an extra step of security.
  • Check the latches on your fence gates at the beginning of the season and at the end.  If you experience strong storms in the area, check after the storm as well.  Replace them as soon as possible.  Procrastination can lead to an accidental loss of a pet.
  • Double-check all house doors to make sure they are closed firmly to prevent escapees!
  • Open windows can lead to scared pets escaping.  A sudden, loud clap of thunder can cause a pet to become frightened and look for the quickest escape route.


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These weather conditions attribute to the number of lost pets.  On the flipside, keep an eye out for wandering pets today.  They will need your help to stay safe and find their families!

Please share these tips with your friends and family to help us keep pets safe.


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