Have you posted a lost or found pet on Craigslist?


Craigslist is still used by individuals who have lost or found a pet.  One of the attractive features of Craigslist is to use anonymity for your contact info.  However, our Missouri Lost & Found Paws team wants to help our communities be aware of the following tips:

  • List either your email address or phone number.  Using the anonymous feature can sometimes cause emails sent to you to end up in a Spam folder.  When you have a lost or found pet, time is of the essence.  Don’t risk your valuable time by missing someone trying to contact you!
  • If you choose to use the anonymous contact feature, make sure you check your email OFTEN!
  • Don’t ever meet someone alone.  Use the ‘safe zone’ meeting spots set up all throughout our communities.  It is best to take a friend with you.  If you must go alone, text the address and contact info of the person you are meeting to someone you trust, for safety precaution.CraigslistEmail2015 (1) (1)

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