Brrrrr, baby it’s cold outside

As you know, Winter has finally decided to show its face to Missouri.  It will be cold with the chance of accumulating snow across parts of the state.  Please lend a kind hand to animals who are wandering thru your area.  Remember, they may be someone’s lost pet!  We have been fortunate to have a somewhat forgiving winter (ok, minus the recent rain and flooding).  If you find a wandering pet in your area, please take them to your local shelter that is closest to where the pet was found.  This gives the owner the best opportunity to find their beloved pet.  

As animal lovers, we love our fur babies to the moon.  We cannot assume that every wandering animal we see is the result of abandonment or a neglectful owner.  ACCIDENTS HAPPEN.  Rather than focusing on the situation that led the animal to wander, we believe in keeping our focus on how to get that animal safe.

Please open your hearts as we face our first Wintery mix this weekend.  These fur babies need our help across the community.  If you consider the unforeseen situation of where your beloved pet escaped from home, wouldn’t you be grateful to find that a stranger picked up your pet and provided them a safe place to stay until you find them?

Now, on the flipside, if you do find a pet and you are willing to keep them safe in your home, that is wonderful!  But you then owe that pet every opportunity to be reunited with its owner.  Hang signs, post the found pet to every venue possible (click here for our list of tips for sharing).  That found pet cannot be reunited if you don’t help get the word out.

Let’s work together to keep fur babies safe across Missouri this Winter.  We CAN do this TOGETHER.

Brrr Baby It's Cold Outside

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