Why Nextdoor.com helps lost and found pets get home

Thanks to one of our admins, Tina Roe, for introducing many of us to this amazing service!

For our newest followers, if you have not heard of Nextdoor or the NextDoor app, it is a great venue to post lost and found pets.  Join Nextdoor, the private social network for neighborhoods, and start connecting with your neighbors.  It is FREE.  

To learn more about NextDoor, click here.  To join NextDoor, click here.

Can’t find your neighborhood listed?  Don’t fret!  In order to establish a neighborhood, you must have at least 10 verified neighbors.   Don’t let this stop you from starting the connection for your neighborhood.  

NextDoor has been highly effective for Missouri Lost & Found Paws members as a tool to get lost and found animals home.  If you have a lost pet, please read our tips for getting your lost pet home.

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