A very special thanks to those who give unconditionally

Happy Monday everyone! I would like to continue in the spirit of my appreciation to our Missouri Lost & Found Paws community.

Today, I would like to thank all of the individuals who volunteer their time independently who are or have become ‘trappers’. Many of these individuals spend their personal monies to design and build humane trap systems, purchase humane traps, purchase food to bait the traps and lots and lots of gas money to search.

Searches for lost pets can vary. Sometimes, the frightened pet goes into the trap quickly. Others are very cunning and extremely intelligent. The latter scenario has led some of these individuals to engineer some pretty amazing solutions! Sometimes, the recovery effort involves a lot of time and patience (months and months).

These individuals use every experience to recover a lost pet to learn for the next one. Sometimes the pets are so frightened, the valiant recovery efforts are met with an unfortunate demise. They cannot get into the mind of the lost pet to know what the next step will be. They hope for a positive ending. Their souls are crushed when the pet is so frightened and meets an unfortunate ending. They grieve along with the family.

These volunteer willingly work this hard because they love animals and want to help their owners. They do this volunteer work because they want to get lost fur babies home. They do expect anything in return for their efforts except to see the lost fur baby safe and secure back at home.

We are fortunate to have them in our animal advocacy community. If you are ever interested in donating to their private cause, please do. You won’t often find them asking for help. But they are always there to help and give their very best.

Please join me in thanking: Tina Roe, Annisa Wileman, Lizz Nicole, Tracy Lynn, Ernie Strothkamp, Ken Hebb and his wife Donna, Theresa Pagliai-Didion, Christine Oldenburg, Kesaruh Mitkos, Trishia Tinker, Kim Kage, Diane Fitzgerald, Stacy Fitzgerald, Steve Von Talge, Shayla Black, Rebel Taylor, Jolene Patience and Scott Bouchard.

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