Rehomed pet? Check that chip!

If you are a new owner of a rehomed pet, be sure to check your pet for a microchip. If your pet has one, contact the microchip company to have the registration AND contact info updated to YOU. Please do not put this off; it only takes one accident for a pet to go missing.

Not sure which microchip company to call? Look up the microchip here:

It will tell you which company your chip belongs to and it will provide the contact number.

Don’t know your microchip number? Have friends in the same situation? Head to your nearest vet clinic. They will be able to assist as long as they have a Universal scanner.

Want to help your neighborhood or friends? Contact us! We will gladly set up a time to come over and scan everyone.

Let’s help fur babies stay safe and easily identifiable should an accident occur and they become lost.

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