Thank you 2019!

Missouri Lost & Found Paws was founded on August 31, 2011. In October 2011, Tina and I were celebrating 250 members in our Greater St Louis Missouri Lost & Found Paws group. As I compiled our 2019 accomplishments this evening, I became overcome with emotions.

Tina Roe, I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love you. You joined my little dream group soon after I started it. If I remember correctly, you had seen one of my posts on Craigslist. We did not meet face to face for nearly 2.5 years. But from the moment we connected online, we had an instant connection. Your dedication to your community is astounding. I have been envious of your ability to stay awake late into the nighttime hours. Your memory is amazing. Not only do you publish posts for ALL of our Facebook groups and business page, you assist pet owners by hanging signs, searching, trapping, advising, mentoring others and somewhere in that non-sleeping time of yours, you foster Miniature Pinschers. We in Missouri are so fortunate to have you at the helm with your keen eye to every single pet posted. I love you so much and am so grateful to have you as a partner in this venture.

Bev Kreinbrook, you have been an inspiration to me. You inspired me through your leadership to see a need for lost and found pets. I only dreamed of where we are today, eight years later. I look back and am so proud of the community we have built. Thank you for being such a respected member of our team. Your wisdom, your guidance and your experience are so very appreciated. I love you so much. I am so grateful to have you in my life.

Jan Krekeler, I remember meeting you at the Bread Co on Ronald Reagan in OFallon more than three years ago. You responded to our inquiry to expand our publishing team. You caught onto our very manually intensive process like a pro! I know that not only I but Tina adore you for your dedication to giving every pet your attention. You and Tina have become such a powerhouse team. You both have such an incredible working rhythm, like a well oiled machine. You and Tina stay up until the sun comes up working away to help pet owners and finders of lost pets. And now, you are a member of our scanning team, giving up your personal time to head out and scan pets. I am so grateful to have you as part of not only our team, but our MLFP family. I love you so much and am so thankful to you for all you do.

Tracy Lynn, I remember our first Google Hangouts training session more than three years ago. I remember seeing your kitties waltzing by. They wanted to let me know that Mom’s attention to them shall not be misused LOL! You go out and hang flyers for pet owners, you search, you trap, you advise, you mentor, you scan found pets and still have time to moderate posts on our Facebook groups! And then, in your “side time”, you not only foster kittens but you do TNR across your community. You are a true inspiration and an amazing asset to your community as well as our organization. I do not know where you get your energy! Thank you for your dedication. I am so glad to have you on our team and as part of our MLFP family. Love you!

Linda Hinch, you are our newest member and my gosh, what a delight you have been to have on our team. You caught onto the publishing process so quickly, and it is a manually intensive one with various quirks thanks to Facebook updates LOL. You have been a shining star to become our lead for our Central Missouri region and now our Northeast and Northest regions! Thank you for believing in our mission and joining our team. I am so excited to have you as part of our MLFP family and look forward to your continued contributions across Missouri. Love you!

I sincerely could not be more proud of this team and our accomplishments in 2019. Though not by purpose, we are a women led organization bringing change across Missouri for lost and found pets.

In addition to this incredible team, I want to thank our incredible community of pet lovers who are focused on reuniting lost and found pets. Thank you for your supporting comments to those who are in pain and anguish over their lost pet. We celebrate those who make it home, we keep hope for those still missing and we remember those we have lost.

2019. Thank you for being good to us. We cannot wait to see what 2020 will bring for us 💝


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