One community working together

Friends. Now, more than ever, we need you to join us in being a voice across our communities. During this unprecedented event of COVID-19, some of our shelters and animal control facilities may face the tough decision to shutter their doors to keep their staff safe. This means, our communities may face having no place to take a found pet!


We need YOU to visit this page, Missouri Lost & Found Paws, MANUALLY and share the educational posts we will be sharing in upcoming days. We need YOU to share our messages, text and images, on your neighborhood sites including We have to get AHEAD of this! With limited places to take found pets, people will be faced with turning found pets loose!

The more that we as PET OWNERS take stock in keeping our pets safe, the more we can have a POSITIVE IMPACT on REDUCING the number of LOST PETS.

We need YOUR COMMITMENT to join us as #oneteam to get the word out to pet owners on be aware, being additionally conscious of how pets can become lost. TOGETHER, we can MINIMIZE lost pets.

#wecandothis #onecommunity #onevoice #prevention #education #weneedyou

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