We at Missouri Lost & Found Paws desperately request your support. Through your share we have a chance to reach a lot more eyes.

Please help us educate your community. People find pets and are so unaware of the dangers lurking outside of people claiming found pets.

We have to get ahead of this. We know of a particular person who creates multiple fake profiles and continues to claim found pets. Particularly bully breeds.

If you have found a pet, it is very, very important to REQUIRE proof of ownership from the person claiming ownership. The majority of the time, the rightful owner is stepping forward. But sadly, we have a watchlist of individuals that are known to claim found pets that are NOT theirs. They continuously create fake profiles.

It is so incredibly important that you act as an advocate for the found pet. You are their voice. You are their guardian until proof of ownership has been presented. Some of these individuals are very ruthless. We recommend taking found pets to your local animal control or animal shelter if you smell something fishy.

Found pets are being used for dog fighting, breeding, acts of cruelty and pet flipping. It is real. Sadly, it is real. Imagine that the pet you found and scared for being used as a bait dog in a fighting ring. We have dog fighting in St Louis. IT DOES EXIST. IT IS NOT FICTION.

PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION FAR and WIDE. Let us all be an advocate for all pets. Wouldn’t your heart be broken if your lost pet was blindly handed over to someone who falsely claimed ownership? Post it on your nextdoor.com. Post this info on every found pet you see in any and all lost and found groups. We have a particular individual who sends private message claiming the found pet. This happens over and over. It is IMPERATIVE that we educate our communities! YOU CAN HELP by sharing this information continuously.

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