COVID Quarantine: Snap a photo!

Quarantine is THE perfect time to catch up on your pet related needs!

When is the last time you took photos of your pets? Like, CLEAR photos? No one schedules time to lose a pet. It happens. We often see so many blurry photos of pets when they are posted as lost. Take the time NOW to use quarantine to your advantage.

Take full body photos.
Take head shots.
Take photos of distinguishing marks on your pet.
Take cute photos of your pet smiling.

Did you know that the LOST pets whose photos are a CLEAR IMAGE and show them SMILING get the most engagement? We sadly have so many pets who receive very little shares.

Have fun with the photos!

Live alone or have an active pet who manages to look away every time you snap a photo? No worries! Use VIDEO to record, and then grab SCREENSHOTS! CROP the screenshots so you have the photo and no extra schtuff.

Save the images on your CLOUD storage like Google Drive, OneDrive, whatever you can access from your mobile. Let’s face it. We can drop our mobile at any time and it can break. Save it in your Cloud storage so that if your pet is lost, you can even have someone else access the photo for you!


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