Avoid use of minors in your photos

We at Missouri Lost & Found Paws believe strongly in our organization’s VALUE and EARNED RESPECT to our community. We are built upon a FOUNDATION of COMMITMENT, HARD WORK and DEVOTION to help lost and found pets with their humans. We know from experience that SHARING KNOWLEDGE makes us all AWARE and in better control of our own selves.

We believe strongly that EDUCATION plays a significant part of having a positive IMPACT to REDUCE the quantity of lost and found pets across our communities.

One of the things we have noticed through the years is the tendency for individuals to share a photo which includes a minor child.

Technology is a beautiful thing. Without it, we could not have had the success of our service. Without technology, we could not help lost and found pets along with their humans. We want to encourage you to HELP US GET THE WORD OUT to EXCLUDE MINOR CHILDREN in your photos that you share with us.

Don’t have an available photo of your lost pet without your child? Use the CROP feature or EDIT capabilities to block your child out of the photo.

Not sure how to use these features? No worries! ASK US FOR HELP! You can message any one of us on our team and we will be happy to help! Here is our team: Tina Roe, Bev Kreinbrook, Jan Krekeler, Tracy Lynn, Linda Hinch and Shuma Chaudhuri.

We ask this for safety for your family so your photo does not attract dangerous people.

We ask this so that your photo is not misused by someone else without your knowing.

We ask this so you can keep your child safe from photo mining.

We ask this so you can keep your child safe from digital kidnapping.

While we aren’t trying to instill fear, we believe KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Being aware is the first step!

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