Does your pet sitter love your pet as much as you do?

This is a true story from one of our volunteers who scans found pets for microchips.

Yet another great example of why every single pet should have a microchip & to make sure you leave your pups with folks you really trust!

Imagine being out of town for a quick three day trip trying to finalize plans for a big upcoming move for your family and you get a call on the 2nd that your dog has been found. You know you’ve entrusted your dog with a “good friend” so you ignore that call thinking surely someone is trying to play a sick scam on you because your good friend hasn’t called you at all. The next day you get another call from another source about your pup being found and again choose not to immediately return the call because sadly there’s a lot of scams going on these days.

You try to call your friend a few times but there’s no answer so you go on about your scheduled plans of trying to finalize the big move. Yet, you get another voicemail about your dog being found so you finally decide to return a call, only to realize that it’s true. Your beloved furry family friend had been seen running through a neighborhood for 3 days and a wonderful family finally felt sad for the baby and brought it inside because of the snow.

We all know pitties end up in bad hands and abused often. Good thing this girl was cared for by a wonderful family when the families “good friend” dropped the ball. Good thing this girl had a microchip and good thing it was registered.

Remember the family was only gone for a short THREE DAY TRIP. I’m not making accusations but this pup ended up over 10 miles away from where she was left with a “good friend” seemingly the same day they were entrusted with her because she had been seen running in a cold field alone, with no food access and and then secured and cared for by this family for three days.

Not everyone loves your fur kids the way you do!
Has this baby not been microchipped The family wouldn’t have even known where to look or even had any idea she was missing.


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