Please. Help us keep them safe.

Good morning friends.

This morning, as I stood outside with my dogs waiting for them to potty within my fenced yard, I watched them wanting to frolic. Within seconds, their realization sank in as their paws start freezing up.

I am always prepared. I have my boots on. I have my warm winter coat on. I scoop them up, even my 80 lb dog (which is no easy feat for my 5 foot round self), and rush to carry them inside. It is a heartbreaking moment because they want to play so badly. But let us be honest. It is not safe outdoors right now. Yes, many dogs are equipped to handle snow. But the snow mixed with the temps we have is difficult on any pet.

For many of us, the continued posts of lost pets during these frigid temps is breaking our hearts. I want to turn pain into awareness.

Today and in the days ahead, I want to ask for your help. Whether you live in a subdivision or on acreage, whether your pet has an electronic fence or not, whether your pet is used to roaming and “always comes home”, please pause and use a leash in these cases. I implore you to please heed my advice. A week or two of using a leash for potty breaks can save you hours and days of heartache. Please, stay outdoors with your pet while they do their potty breaks. My heart is aching and breaking for the families who are posting with us.

While many of us are praying for families to post an update about their lost pet, let’s come together and keep pets safe. If you know me at all or have come to know me through this mission that is so very near and dear to my heart, I believe in learning from others.

Please send positive thoughts for our families who are hurting right now. We need to instill hope that their fur baby will be found. We need to instill hope that a Good Samaritan will come across a pet in need and keep them safe. Hope is what we have got!

Please share this info with friends, family and your community. Your share can help someone think twice.

Warm Regards,


Founder and President, Missouri Lost & Found Paws

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