Wright City Police Department is ready to scan some pets

Let me take a moment to tell you about a young woman, Miss Claire.  About a year ago, she submitted her artwork for a contest at a local bank.

She won and received a $50 prize. She wanted to donate her prize to something near and close to her heart. Pets. Her mom, MaryRose, reached out to see if she could donate to Missouri Lost & Found Paws, specifically to our Scanning Partners Across Missouri initiative. This young lady then went on to earn the rest of the funds needed.

Unfortunately the pandemic arrived. And so, our plans to meet became delayed. We waited a few months and decided to meet up during the summer in an open park. She was so excited to donate her hard earned money.

Wright City Police Department has been on our waiting list through most of 2020. They were very interested to join our Scanning Partners Across Missouri initiative. For those who may not know, our organization raises the funds thanks to our community to purchase and donate universal microchip scanners to police departments and animal control facilities.

On April 10, 2021, we drove to Wright City Police Department to present them with their donated universal microchip scanner.

Let me tell you. Our community could not be more proud of Claire. You see, she knows how to use a microchip scanner because her mom scans found pets. Sometimes if she is unavailable, MaryRose sends her kids out to scan. These kids are our future. Watching Claire teach Officer Filson how to use the scanner was a truly amazing moment. Officer Filson said their department is really looking forward to using their new scanner as they receive calls for found pets often.

Please join our team in giving Claire a shout-out for her community giving. What a beautiful future we have in front of us thanks to young adults like her!

Help us spread the word to Wright City residents. Missouri Lost & Found Paws is committed to reuniting lost and found pets. We are able to make donations like this possible thanks to the donations that our community sends to us.

If you wish to donate to our program, please do so via PayPal.

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