Happy Holidays from Missouri Lost & Found Paws

Here we go, kicking off what will be our 11th year to come for Missouri Lost & Found Paws! We have a lot of goals to accomplish to expand our service. It has been incredibly fulfilling for our team to have watched a vision form into such a highly respected organization across Missouri. This is in thanks to our commitment to stay true to our mission.

To my fellow board members, Tina Roe and Bev Kreinbrook, I thank you for your leadership to guide and grow our organization’s goals.

To our incredible posting team, Jan Krekeler and Linda Hinch, thank you for your dedication and drive for each and every pet.

To Tracy Lynn, Jenny Edwards and Melissa Roussin who help us to moderate this ever growing community. We are committed to our Community Standards that we have established to keep this social community focused, driven and supportive for all who join us in the mission to reunite lost and found pets.

To all of our animal control officers, shelter and rescue partners, thank you for being our partner to improve return to owner statistics across the State of Missouri.

Thank you to every animal advocate volunteer who is willing to help their community to scan found pets for microchips. Thank you to all the individuals who sacrifice their personal tike to humanely trap frightened pets.

Thank you to all of the police departments and animal control facilities who have joined our Scanning Partners Across Missouri initiative. For every pet that you are able to reunite, you are able to reduce the demand on challenged space within our animal control and shelter facilities.

Thank you to the volunteers who step forward upon demand to help our organization.

Last but certainly not least, thank you to our social media community which has grown to a collective 80K+ members. Your shares and supportive words make a difference. You are able to help pet owners who feel lost, anxious, frustrated, concerned and a slew of other motions and change them into action oriented feelings.

Our team would love to see our social media community grown to 250K people by 2023. It is a big goal but we believe you can help us do this. Missouri has gained some undesirable attention through the years of being a leader in puppy mills. Wouldn’t it be phenomenal to pivot the national public image to instead be recognized for its dedication to reunite lost and found pets?

2022, here we come!


Shuma Chaudhuri

Founder/President, Missouri Lost & Found Paws

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