Elizabethtown, Kentucky Meets St Louis, Missouri! A Poodle Is On Her Way Home!

Update 1/24/2015 sc

We received the following update from the finder, Michael Perks.

Update 1/21/2015 sc

Update 1/19/2015 sc

Per finders: We’re still in the process of verifying some things to make sure she’s going back to the right place and going to be safe. Kathy has been a great help!

This poodle was found in St Louis and posted on the St Louis, Missouri Lost & Found Paws group on January 17, 2015.  Thanks to a rabies tag, the finder was able to trace the owner to Elizabethtown, Kentucky, approximately 285 miles away!  You read that right! KENTUCKY!

Per her finder, Michael Perks:

“thanks for the all the support & advice gang… think i’ve found the owner in elizabethtown kentucky which matches her rabies tag… the akc contacted them and they contacted me… collar color matches their info… the chip # they gave me does match with the associated collar tag# as confirmed by the akc exchange… hope to meet them halfway tonight after work for a joyful reunion… ”

Keep an eye on this post for updates should we receive any.

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