Missouri Lost & Found Paws & AllStar Fence

Earlier this week, Missouri Lost & Found Paws posted about a new partnership with a local fence company named AllStar Fence.  We are so excited about this opportunity to work with AllStar Fence.  This collaboration will help many pet owners exercise prevention to keep their pets safe in our community.

As you know, many times, pets get lost from their yards due to holes in the fence, unsecured boards which have loosened over time and gates that don’t latch properly.  We also know that sometimes, the owners of these lost pets may be struggling to fix the fence due to financial struggles, elderly owners and other extenuating circumstances.

We are so pleased to say that Allstar Fence is interested in helping us help these owners.  Allstar Fence’s owner is an animal lover and he stated the following to us through our conversation “We love animals and hate reading about lost pets.”

SO!  If you know someone who needs assistance with a fence repair, please refer them to Allstar Fence and tell them that we, Missouri Lost & Found Paws, sent them.  You can follow Allstar Fence on Facebook by going to their fan page and clicking Like.  Please thank this kind gentleman for helping us help our community to exercise preventative measures for keeping pets safe in 2015!

Missouri Lost & Found Paws was tickled pink to receive the following message on January 18th, just after starting this partnership.  

Here are some pics of her babies:

We would like to thank AllStar Fence for helping our fan to keep her doggies safe!  Like this post?  Go to AllStar Fence’s Facebook page and thank them for their dedication to their community.

If you or someone you know receives help from AllStar Fence thru this new partnership, please let us know so we can share the amazing news with our Facebook community. As you all have come to know, we at Missouri Lost & Found Paws feel we can make a significant impact in our community to help lost and found pets by working TOGETHER.

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