20,000 Strong!

On January 27, 2014, the Missouri Lost & Found Paws team was fortunate and excited to celebrate a viewership of 2,000 animal lovers. TWO THOUSAND.

Fast forward to January 27, 2017! We are so honored and excited to celebrate TWENTY THOUSAND viewers!

In the past SEVEN years of the Missouri Lost & Found Paws journey, our team has been privileged to lead this incredible community service which is focused on reuniting lost pets. Our team continues to learn more and more every year through each lost and found pet shared with us.  We work very hard to use leverage the knowledge gained in these situations to education our communities across Missouri.  None of this would be possible without our supporters, our friends in our animal control and shelter organizations, our friends dedicated to animal welfare, our local business supporters and of course, the fur babies.

Do you realize the impact of your dedication to lost and found pets?

Do you realize the impact of your contributions? Every time you share a lost or found animal, you help expose that animal to an entirely different set of Facebook friends to help get the word out.

Every time you reach out to someone who has a lost or found pet to offer tips, you are making a difference in that family’s life.

Every time you search for a lost pet, you are helping that pet get one step closer to being safe.

Every time you offer words of encouragement to owners whose heart is in pain, you make a difference.

Every time you share one of our educational tips, you are helping another pet owner to be cautious and mindful of things that can go wrong.

WE have to work together as a community. The power of one is untouchable, right? Imagine the power of a community! WE become unstoppable.  WE have seen this with our very own eyes.  WE are making a difference for animals across Missouri!

Every time the owner of a lost pet is notified that their pet is at one of our Missouri shelters or animal control facilities, and that pet is reunited, in turn, an empty spot is available for a truly homeless or abandoned pet.

The Missouri Lost & Found Paws team believes that organizations such as ours have a direct and positive impact to reduce the number of animals being euthanized across our nation due to overpopulated shelters.

Please remember, it is NOT the shelter’s fault that they have to euthanize! WE as a society must change.  

The way each of us can help is through these lost and found efforts.

Join us on our metro area groups!

And, don’t forget to follow our state-wide page, Missouri Lost & Found Paws!

WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE across Missouri. And THAT success is because of YOU. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

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