Movers & Shakers

Let’s face it, animals are movers and shakers. They have places to go, people to see. Naturally when we try to snap a photo, they often want to keep things moving.  If you have found a pet and are having a difficult time to capture a still photo, here are some tips from Missouri Lost & Found Paws.

Try using video for found animals who won’t sit still, or animals you see wandering the area. Video is a less intimidating to animals. Zoom in/off while capturing video.

After you have captured the video, play the video on your phone.

Look for the moment where the visibility is clear and focused.

Play the video again.

Have your fingers poised to take a screenshot on your phone. Snap the screenshot.

Crop the screenshot as needed.

Use the cropped photo for postings!

These tips also work well to snap a photo of your own pet.  It always good to have a current photo accessible should an emergency arise.

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