The Importance of Sightings

When a pet becomes lost, the search is on.  But it is hard to determine, which way did he or she go?  Pets do not wander via sidewalks and roadways at all times.  They find shortcuts.

How may times have you found yourself watching a wandering pet?  You may have found yourself asking, is this a lost pet that got out of its yard?  Or, is this a pet that is allowed to roam.  We at Missouri Lost & Found Paws feel that it is best to err on the side of caution.  After all, what is the worst that can happen if you are able to apprehend the runaway?  You may find the owner who informs you that their pet is just doing its thing, he or she is allowed to roam.  As a Good Samaritan, it is a great opportunity to educate the owner on the dangers of what could happen.  But let’s face it.  Not everyone wants to schooled on how to care for their pet.
Our recommendation is to share the info on the wandering pet!  Report the pet to us on Missouri Lost & Found Paws.
Date, Time and Location!
  • Include the date, time and location where the pet was seen along with a description. This information can help those searching to rule out false sightings from valid sightings. Sightings help individuals find lost pets!
Nothing beats a photo!
  • Snap a photo or video if you can! Videos often work best!
Never assume stray.
  • Do not assume the animal is a stray! Often times, it is someone’s beloved, lost furry family member!
  • Remember, it doesn’t take long for a pet to look bedraggled. Lack of food, anxiety, stress, nervousness, cruelty or injury can lead to a poor state of affairs.
Stay calm!  Stay cool.
  • Do not chase the pet. If you feel comfortable to approach the pet, try laying down or sitting down. Use a soft, gentle voice . If you have pet friendly food/snacks (White Castle works great!), use it to your advan
  • If you can, coax the pet to come to you, secure it, and contact animal control or take the pet to the closest animal control facility or shelter.
Be a beacon of hope!
  • YOU can provide hope to a family who is desperately searching for their beloved pet.

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