Getting Ready to Hit the Road With Your Pets on Vacation?

It is that time of year where folks will start heading out on summer vacations. Missouri Lost & Found Paws wants to help keep your pets safe while you are gone! Join us as we kick off our Summer Vacation series of tips this week!

A lot of individuals and families take their pets on vacation with them.  For some pets, a change of scenery can stir up anxiety and mixed emotions.  All of their familiar scents are nowhere to be found.  Staying in a new apartment, or in someone else’s home brings new scents.  Other pets in the household can lead to increased anxiety.  Leaving for dinner?  Hold the phone!  Your pet’s reaction may be “you’re leaving me here all alone”?

Pets can often look for escape opportunities with the hopes of finding their owner.  Take a moment to read through our tips below to help ensure your pet is safe while on the journey as well as in the new lodging arrangements.  It is best to do these tasks in advance of your trip.

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