Strike a pose! When’s the last time you snapped a photo of your pet?

Missouri Lost & Found Paws is committed to keeping pets safe this summer as vacation season arrives!  Follow our Summer Series 2017 of how to keep pets safe!

When is the last time you snapped a photo of your furry family member(s)?

As our pets age, their physical appearance can change.  They can gain weight, lose weight, turn grey, etc.  It is important to have a good, clear photo of your pet available.  This can come in handy in the case of an emergency when a pet becomes lost.  Our Missouri Lost & Found Paws team recommends having multiple photos, from different angles, as well as a full body photo.

If your pet is one that gets groomed, it is especially important to snap a photo after each grooming session, as well as the hair begins to grow.  Their appearance can drastically change!

A clear photo makes a huge difference as the image of your lost pet begins to make its round on social media.

Please don’t delay.  It will be too late to wish you had a photo should an accident occur.

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