Universal Microchip Scanners

Many pet owner do not realize that there are numerous microchip manufacturers on the market. Different microchips have different frequency levels. As a result, if the person scanning for a microchip in a found pet does not have a Universal Scanned, a microchip may be missed and not found. This is incredibly impactful as this could keep a pet from being reunited with its owner.

We have a true story that has just happened in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. A family found a missing pet. They had the pet scanned for a microchip at the local shelter. A microchip was not found.

The family who found the pet fell in love and decided to give him a loving home. They took him to a veterinary clinic to have him microchipped. After placing the new chip, the previous microchip was found.



The pet has been returned to his original owner. The new owners are heartbroken. We can all understand the love we have for pets. It doesn’t take long to fall in love.

Now, this person has two microchips. We hope the owner will have both registered in their name. Else, should the pet get lost in the future, upon scanning, only one chip may be found vs the other. If the unregistered chip is found, the pet will not be able to be returned to its owner.

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