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Missouri Lost & Found Paws *is* making a difference across our Missouri communities thanks to our followers.

We have all felt that happy feeling inside of us as we see a pet that has been reunited. But it is heartbreaking to see the pets that remain missing. That’s why we want to share our TOP FIVE to do’s that YOU as an animal lover can do to help get a lost pet get home!

1. Share our posts.

We find that sharing makes the most impact when you share pets related to areas where your FB friends live. Meaning, if you just share every pet, your FB friends are apt to unfollow you 🙁

Instead, make the BIGGEST impact by sharing a pet to a friend’s timeline if the pet is lost where they live. Or, share a pet missing in your neighborhood or town. Include a small comment to make the post personal, like ‘Hey, this kitty is lost by you. Let me know if you see her.’

2. Post on

If you see a pet missing in your neighborhood or town, post the pet to Be sure to choose all neighborhoods (not just the one you live in). Include a link to the post on our page so readers can FOLLOW incoming leads. Let the person know to follow Missouri Lost & Found Paws for help! Point them to the local group that makes the most sense for their location.


3. Watch your local buy/sell/trade group.

If you see a lost, found or sighting post, take a screenshot (or multiple screenshots if the post is long) and post it with us.

Try to grab the link to the post. This allows us to all follow for updates. If you aren’t sure how to copy the link while on your mobile device  no sweat! You can do this by clicking on the arrow for the post, and select Copy Link.

Also, comment on the buy/sell post and let the person know about our organization. Be sure to use our CORRECT name, i.e. Missouri Lost & Found Paws.

4. Help search for matches to lost or found pets.

A lot of people do not know about PetHarbor is powered by a shelter software system that many of our larger area shelters use. They post all incoming pets (and adoptable pets).

If you find what might be a match, grab a screenshot or the link to the pet posting and post it in the *comment* of the pet you think is a match.

Please note, petharbor is used by the larger shelters (because it is a bit expensive). Our more rural areas don’t have the benefit of this software. BUT this too is a great volunteer opportunity. Ask your rural shelter if you can volunteer to take photos of incoming pets to post with us! Please PM us for details on this one!

5. Signs, signs, signs!

This is one of the most valuable contributions you can make! Help families with lost pets to hang signs. Grab a friend and get your steps in for the day! Hanging signs is a tough job for one person alone. But with help, a lot of signs can be hung quickly! Signs are the MOST critical factor to getting lost and found pets home quickly. Found pets need signs too!!

Don’t forget, put your signs in sheet protectors and use zip ties to hang them. Don’t let your steps be for nothing as single sheets of paper will weather away quickly!

Help us help them get home quickly!

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