There is power in numbers

Missouri Lost & Found Paws strongly believes that working together as a community, vs working against each other, delivers a much more profound effect in the journey to reunite lost and found pets.  We are here to help owners of lost pets with tips to get the word out about a lost loved one.   We are here to help Good Samaritans who have found a lost pet by sharing information on how to locate an owner.

We are not here to judge or get argumentative. These actions only distract us from our goals which is to get these lost babies home. We have achieved so much in our seven years of this community involvement movement.  You have celebrated with all of us when we see a pet reunited with its owner.  You have seen us mourn the loss of a pet who has crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge.  The number of lost pets is astounding.  In 2015 alone, Missouri Lost & Found Paws posted 10,604 animals in total.  And that wasn’t even every pet in the state of Missouri.  That is only the pets that were posted with us.  It doesn’t include pets taken directly to the shelter.  America, we have a pandemic problem of lost pets.   It is very important that we keep focused and true to the purpose of why we are working hard as a community, together, to get lost and found animals back where they belong, HOMEEach of you can make a difference.

As you comment on posts, we ask you to ponder first what you are going to type.  In other words, will it help the person who has posted?  Does it provide supportive and encouraging thoughts?  If not, please…don’t type it.  We are so proud of the community we have in Missouri Lost & Found Paws.  We are proud of what this community has accomplished.  Our success is self evident!

Be supportive. Be helpful. Be an Ambassador for our group to newcomers. We count on each of you to help these fur babies get home.

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