You are your pet’s advocate

Having a lost pet is a unique and emotional pain that hurts us to the core.  When a pet becomes lost, you as the owner are your pet’s one and only voice.  You are your pet’s champion, their cheerleader.  As the owner, it is up to you to do everything in your power to get the word out about your lost pet.

As technology changes, we as people become very accustomed to doing as much as we can via online methods.  Even though there are many of us who depend on our technology, there are still significant parts of our population that do not.

  • Not every one owns a smart phone.
  • Not everyone uses Facebook.
  • Not everyone knows about the different types of resources (i.e. pages/groups) available on Facebook to advertise lost pets.
  • Not everyone uses Twitter.
  • Not everyone uses Instagram.
  • Not everyone uses Craigslist.
  • Not everyone uses NextDoor.

As you are reading this blogpost, you might find that you are asking yourself what some of the above resources may be.  This is our point.  Thru technology comes complexity.  Technology makes it easy for individuals to pick their online venue, their online voice if you will.

However, one of the most tried and true methods to getting lost pets home is to hang signs, also often called flyers.  At the end of the day, most everyone leaves their house at some point of the day, or week.  You as an owner of a lost pet might feel hopeful that someone will find your beloved fur baby and offer help.  You may even find yourself believing that upon your pet being found, the finder will post signs for you to see.

Over the past five and a half years that Missouri Lost & Found Paws has been in operation, we can with certainty tell you that you cannot rely on the finder to hang signs.  The vast significant number of pet finders believe it is not their responsibility to hang signs and advertise found pets.

As you can imagine, assumptions on both sides leads invariably to lost pets never making their way home.  We cannot emphasize how important it is for owners to take the responsibility in their hands to do everything in their power to get the word out about their lost pet.  Hang signs.  Hang lots, and lots of signs.  But, be mindful to your community.

  1. Do not damage property in order to hang your sign(s).  We recommend using zip ties, also known as cable ties, to hang your signs.  They are non-destructive.  They do not peel paint off of sign posts.  It is also easy to remove signs thru the simple use of scissors for example.
  2. Hang signs at intersections, at eye level for passerbys in vehicles.
  3. Use neon paper during inclement weather conditions; they are easier to see.
  4. Use sheet protectors to protect your signs from moisture in the air or inclement weather.    Check out our tips for how to make weatherproofed signs.
  5. Keep your message simple and clear.  Include a clear photo of your pet.  Include one or more contact phone numbers.  Double-check to ensure you have typed the phone numbers for accuracy.

Click here to read more of our tips of how to create signs.

Check out our templates for lost pet signs.

Click here to see our complete list of tips for ensuring you can get the word out about your lost pet to every avenue possible.

Be your pet’s voice.  Don’t give up.  Don’t lose hope.  Ask for help.  

Once you find your pet, don’t forget to remove your signs 🙂

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