Happy Birthday to Us!

Happy Birthday to Missouri Lost & Found Paws! I want to sincerely thank my long time partner in crime, Tina Roe, who keeps me grounded, centered and focused 🙂 Thank you to my incredible mentor, Bev Kreinbrook for all of her guidance through the years. Thank you to our mom and daughter team, Annisa Wileman and Kammie Wileman, who are just incredible individuals. Jan Krekeler who breathes the same ‘burning the midnight oil’ hours as Tina, and is a hell of a posting administrator for our organization. Thank you to Tracy Lynn for assisting in moderating and helping to keep our community members focused on what is important.

Thank you to all of the amazing shelters, animal control facilities and animal control officers who have become our partners through this journey to work together.  Thank you to our animal rescue community who step in to assist those who have not been reunited.

Thank you to our amazing trappers, Tina Roe, Annisa Wileman, Theresa Didion, Ernie Strothkamp Tony Nichols who have helped countless animals to be safe!

Thank you to our incredible business owners across the community that donate to our cause.

Last but absolutely not least, thank you to our incredible community. YOU are the reason we are able to make such an impactful difference. We celebrate every reunion. We mourn every loss. Together. That is how ‘community’ works.

All of us, working together, we ARE saving lives. We are.

Thank you for believing in my dream.

Thank you for making it a reality. <3


Shuma Chaudhuri

President, Missouri Lost & Found Paws



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  1. Diana Baker says:

    Happy Birthday to an incredible group of awesome people.

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