4th of July Prevention

Please. Help us at Missouri Lost & Found Paws keep pets *safe* during fireworks season 🎇🎆. Help us get the word out to other pet owners to raise awareness.

4th of July is when our team gets put through the ringer. The number of lost and found pets takes a significant spike now that the fireworks stands are open.

The biggest thing that many individuals aren’t aware of is personalities in pets change year to year (what wasn’t scary one year can be terrifying the next year).

And please, do NOT 😰 use retractable leashes when out with your pet. Fireworks can go off at any time of day. Not only will the human suffer injury from a sliding retractable leashes, the pet will too as they run like the Dickens. They can become stuck which can result in..well…not good things.

Help us help them stay safe.


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