Missouri Storm Preparedness – Part 5

In preparation our Missouri Spring storms, please read and share this information to help raise awareness with other pet owners.

Most folks have smartphone these days, right?

No one plans to lose a pet.  It happens due accidental circumstances.  Seize the day right now as you are reading this article to exercise preparedness for the unforeseen, unfortunate event of your pet becoming lost.  Because, once it happens, you can’t go back and do this.

  1. Create a Contact in your cell phone for each of your household Pets, no matter how big or small the pet.
  2. Snap a nice, clear photo of each pet. If your pet is a mover and shaker, no worries!  Take a video and grab a screenshot from the video.
  3. Assign the photo as the profile photo for the contact.
  4. Put the microchip number into the Contact you have created. Add the phone number for the microchip.
  5. Add any allergies in the Contact (always helpful for emergencies).
  6. Add a list of any medications your pet is on. Use the notes field as it allows for more textual info.
  7. While you are at it, call the microchip company and confirm that they have your most up to date info in their database.

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