Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Doing last minute shopping this weekend?  Looking for ideas for gifts for friends and family?  Check out our ideas from Missouri Lost & Found Paws which not only will be a gift that is appreciated but also helps to keep your friend’s or family member’s pet safe!
  • A new ID tag!  You can pick one up from PetSmart or even a small business that makes stamped jewelry! Place the pet’s name, owner’s address and owner’s phone number.  Check that list twice for accuracy 🙂
  • A new harness or collar! Benefits of providing a harness provide less strain on the neck as well as pet security.  Harnesses work very well especially if the pet is timid or fearful.  Check out stores like Treats Unleashed or Bentley’s for their harnesses.  We recommend the ones with velcro, also known as back-clip harnesses.  Can’t find one at the store this weekend?  No worries.  Order online.  Print a photo, place it in a frame (grab one at the dollar store) and wrap it up as a gift.  Here are some other ideas of harnesses available on the market.
  • Microchip registration!  Many people have microchips in their pets but do not realize that the chip needs to be registered.  All you need to do is to ask your friend for the microchip number and then follow our easy steps below to a) identify the microchip company, b) contact the microchip company to register the microchip in your friend’s (i.e. pet owner’s) name.  Present a printed copy of the registration to your friend.  The best part is this can all be done online – no standing in line!

Pet Microchip Info Sheet

  • A new collar. Collars often become loose and can slip right over the head.  They also wear, and can lose their strength.  The buckles/snaps can also loosen over time leading to insecurity.  One tug and the collar can come undone.  For kitties, consider purchasing a breakaway collar.  In case the kitty should escape, or if the kitty is an indoor/outdoor kitty, the collar would snap open should the kitty find itself stuck via the collar.
  • A GPS tracker.  This is perfect for frequent fliers as we call frequent escape artists.  Monthly charges do apply for the services so be sure to discuss with the pet owner in advance. You can buy this online!

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