New Year’s Eve Safety

Please. Help us at Missouri Lost & Found Paws keep pets *safe* during fireworks tonight. Help us get the word out to other pet owners to raise awareness.

A lot of families will be hosting New Year’s Eve parties tonight. Help keep your pet safe to avoid becoming lost.

Be Prepared

As part of the preparation for tonight’s festivities, take a moment to ensure you have accounted for your pet’s needs. No one loses a pet on purpose. A little bit of foresight can help to keep your pet safe tonight.

Strike a Pose

Do you have a recent full body photo of your pet? Maybe your pet was recently groomed? Or, maybe your pet is growing its hair out and fluffy. Snap a photo!

Check ID Tags

Is your pet wearing ID tags?

Are the ID tags faded?

Don’t have time to pick up a new ID tag today? Grab a sharpie and write your number on the collar.

Invisible Fence

Do you have an invisible fence? When is the last time you changed your battery? A frightened pet can run through the invisible barrier if the signal is weak.

Create a Safe Environment

With people coming in and out of the house tonight, it is an prime opportunity for an excited or nervous pet to look for a window of opportunity.

Put your pet in a bedroom or room that is familiar. Leave the lights on. Leave the radio or tv on. Got an Alexa or Google Home? Use it for music to provide background noise in the room. Leave their favorite toys with them. Avoid rawhide or treats that they can choke on. Place a note on the door to alert guests to not enter and why.

Behaviors Change As They Age

Even though your pet may not have been afraid of fireworks in the past, their behaviors can change as they age.

Just like humans, our pets can develop anxiety or dementia. Fireworks produce a sudden loud sound which can raise the anxiety level in a pet. They will scramble to get away from the sound that has scared them. A scared pet will look for ant opportunity to escape what is frightening.

Fireworks are a contributing factor to lost pets. Just a couple of weeks ago, a newly adopted dog got frightened by fireworks at a Christmas display. He was on the run for five days, terrified.

Avoid Retractable Leashes

Please avoid the use of retractable leashes when out with your pet. Fireworks can go off at any time after dusk. Not only will the human suffer injury from a sliding retractable leashes, the pet will too as they run like the Dickens. They can become stuck which can result in..well…not good things.

Use Our Tips

Help us help them stay safe.

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