Harley is home after six months!

Harley and his mom, Lisa’s, story began in June 2018. Harley went missing when he was in the car with his grand daddy. The car was stolen. Harley was inside.

Lisa did all that she could to search for her baby boy. Six months later, in December, 2018, volunteers from Stray Rescue of St Louis responded to a call of a small dog wandering about. Volunteers were onsite and found a little dog who was wearing a collar with ID tags. After some patience, they were able to catch the little one. They were pleasantly surprised to find that the dog had a microchip. An even better surprise was when the owner answered the call and responded that her Harley had been missing for SIX months!

Here is the video from Stray Rescue of St Louis with the happy reunion!

Welcome home Harley!

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