A special thank you for Tina Roe

Tina Roe is one of the most dedicated individuals I have had the fortune to develop as a friend. She saw my ads on Craigslist soon after I started this group in August 2011. She began sharing posts of lost and found pets. Though we both live in the St Louis metro, we did not meet face to face until we had an afternoon meet up with a couple of people we had become close to whose pets were lost, nearly two years later.

Most people do not realize, Tina works full time, is Vice President of Missouri Lost & Found Paws, she is Vice President of MO Min Pin Rescue, she takes her dog Cooper for therapy visits at nursing homes, she hangs flyers for people in need of help, she goes out on search missions to track lost pets, she goes out to scan found pets for microchips, she places traps to help owners with lost pets, she fosters for her rescue, she has done transports for dogs in need, she spends hours every night posting animals for Missouri Lost & Found Paws, she has her own fur babies who she adores with all of her heart and more.

She is an amazing woman who I am proud to have as my partner in Missouri Lost & Found Paws. I am especially appreciative of her patience as I bounce ideas and thoughts off of her. I am pretty sure I drove her especially nuts in 2011 and 2012 when more and more people began to join our St Louis, Missouri Lost & Found Paws group.

Please take a moment to thank my special friend, Tina. Dogster wrote a special article about Tina. We love her to the moon and back.

Here is Tina’s response:

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