A special thank you to Annisa & Kammie

This morning, I want to start the day off with sharing appreciation for a dynamic duo, Annisa Wileman and Kammie Wileman.

I first met them at the very first event where we held our Check the Chip Clinic. We had just raised enough money to buy Tina and myself a microchip scanner to help the community.

As we stood at the event, I thought to myself, we should put our scanners into action. On the spot, the plan came into action to “check the chip”, meaning offering to scan every pet that walks by to confirm a microchip is present. I absolutely loved the energy that she and her daughter brought to the event.

We wrote down the microchip company name, phone number, and microchip ID.

We looked the microchip up to show owners whether the chip was registered or not.

We explained why unregistered chips can deter them from getting their lost pet back home.

Annisa is typically working behind the scenes so to speak. She works full time. She has a beautiful family, including her dogs. Annisa also takes care of a hospice Min Pin that was found a couple of years back and never claimed by an owner. In her own ‘free’ time, Annisa goes out in her community to scan microchips for found pets. Annisa and Tina are sidekicks in volunteering their time to help trap frightened lost pets. She is a moderator for our St Louis, Missouri Lost & Found Paws group.

Annisa and Kammie are always right by our side at any Check the Chip Clinic we have held. Both of these extraordinary women are always willing to offer their time to help our organization in any way, shape, or form.

Please join me in thanking these two strong women I am so proud to call my friends. Love you Annisa & Kammie. Please don’t kill me for sharing photos 🙂

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