A special thank you for Jan Krekeler

It’s Thursday. Time for me to share my next note of appreciation.

You often see Jan Krekeler writing “posted” followed by a long link (thanks Facebook for that little complication). For every lost or found pet shared in our St Louis, Missouri Lost & Found Paws group, Tina tags Jan. Jan is our machine behind the screen! She sweeps in and gets the pet posted to our statewide page, Missouri Lost & Found Paws (click on the link to LIKE the page).

You see, Jan had been a follower of our efforts for quite some time in years past. Our organization was growing in terms of how many lost and found pets were being posted with us. We needed to add another volunteer to the team. I posted a request, and Jan answered.

I met her at St Louis Bread Co one evening after work. We sat down with the laptop and we walked through our posting process. She caught on so fast! And so, she began.

What I want to share about Jan is her dedication and loyalty to helping lost and found pets get the exposure they deserve. She shares pets lost in St Charles County with other groups. She keeps an eye on buy/sell/trade groups and gets any pets posted there to our group. She is like Tina Roe. They both have an amazing memory and a critical knack to remember faces.

Jan is a dedicated employee for her company, she has a beautiful family (we have met her husband, such a nice person), she has a beautiful doggie whom she loves, she has been a full time caretaker for her parents AND she volunteers with us! She also helps to search for lost pets. Last but not least, she also is a Moderator of our group. If you have seen her posts, you know that it seems she works full time on helping lost and found pets. Jan, also like Tina, is a night owl. These women and their energy. I’d like a bottle please!

We soon will be celebrating Jan’s third year with us. She has been a blessing to our organization as well as our community of lost and found pets. Please join me in saying thank you for to Jan for her contributions. We are so lucky to have you on our team!

Love you Jan! Don’t kill me for posting pics 🙂

From Jan:

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