Smudge is home after six months!

The bond with a pet is very special. Pet owners often feel shattered when their pet goes missing.

We would like to share another special reunion from this week.

Smudge had captured the heart of his mom. He was decompressing in her quarantine room when some of the feral kitties she takes care of decided to become gang bangers and scare the crud out of Smudge. He disappeared in December, 2018.

Fast forward to May 22nd, 2019. One of our volunteers, Tracy Lynn, found a kitty and as Tracy’s love goes to help the innocent found babies, she took this kitty home. Over the next day, Tracy shared the most amazing news. The kitty she found IS Smudge !

If you look at the photos below, and if one were to compare simply off the first impression of these photos, you would not think these are the same cats. Light, camera, angle…all of these contribute to the way an image is captured. We always advise it is best to check out found pets in person if your pet is missing.

We do not know the exact day that Smudge went missing, but nearly SIX MONTHS later, Smudge home! The moral of this story and so many more. Do not give up on those you love. Getting a lost pet home takes patience, commitment and a strong support system. They deserve the chance to come home.

Stories like Zesus and Smudge happen. They DO happen. They CAN happen thanks to the community our team works hard to build in Missouri Lost & Found Paws. No one loses a pet on purpose.

As our saying goes: Not all of us are abadoned. Not all of us are neglected. Not all of us are abused. Many of us are lost. And we need YOUR help to get home.

Go to our page, and share the page. You may help someone to know there is a group here willing to support them. We are here for them. We won’t give up til we get them all home.

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