Fifth Annual Awareness Campaign

Fourth of July is fast approaching quickly. Did you know that this holiday leads to one of the biggest rises in lost pets every year? The sound of firecrackers can be startling! Starting at the end of June, Missouri Lost & Found Paws, and all of its regional groups will begin seeing a serious uptick in reports of lost animals due to fireworks.

Help us with our FIFTH Facebook campaign to bring awareness for Pet Safety during the 4th of July holiday. How many of you would be willing to change your profile picture to the image below for one week? Imagine how far we could spread the word and educate others? Please keep the profile picture up thru July 14th.

Statistically, 4th of July will be the busiest week at shelters. Thousands of animals will be brought in due to the fireworks. As new animals come in, especially an influx like this, many animals will have to be euthanized in order to make space. YOU can make a difference by helping to educate others by sharing the tips below. ONE person CAN save ONE life. It is tried and true! Social media has been an incredibly positive influence for animals. YOU *CAN* HELP.

Watch for our upcoming preventative series. We want to make a difference. We want to help pet owners increase their awareness and take proactive measures to plan ahead.

Tips for 4th of July Safety

  1. When is the last time you checked your pet’s ID tags?
  2. Is your pet’s microchip registered?
  3. Please, do NOT use retractable leashes when out with your pet for the next four weeks. Fireworks can go off at any time of day. Not only will the human suffer injury from a sliding retractable leash, the pet will too as they run like the Dickens. They can become stuck which can result in..well…not good things.
  4. A fence will not necessarily keep your pet safe from harm if your pet becomes startled. Dogs will do anything to escape the deafening sound of fireworks which can include jumping fences when they have never done so before, digging desperately to escape, breaking through weak boards in the fence, etc.
  5. Your pet may have been fine with fireworks last year. However, just like people, personalities change as they get older. Hearing changes. Sight changes. Sensitivity to alarming sounds increase. 
  6. Don’t take chances with older pets. Keep them safe inside. Treat them with the same care you would for an elderly human. Keep an eye on them when they are outdoors.
  7. If you are having a party, create a safe environment in the house for pets, perhaps a back bedroom or bathroom. You can also put a sign on the door asking guests to remain out of the room. Turn the music on to help drown out the sounds.
  8. Be aware of how your pet is reacting to the sounds this year. If they look nervous, it is safest to keep them safe indoors.
  9. Do not leave windows open. Pets, cats and dogs, will push the screen out to escape due to their startled state of affairs.

Please lend a kind hand to any animal you see wandering. Call animal control if you do not feel comfortable to approach the animal. But, please be an advocate for the fur babies. They need our help. Just because an animal seems weary or skittish does not mean they have been abused. They may simply be frightened. Getting lost and found animals home takes a village. It takes a community working together.

Thank you for helping to spread the word of Pet Safety this holiday season! From our team to your family, we wish you an enjoyable 4th of July season!

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